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江苏音符|中国民用航空局中南地区管理局Huai county, satrap mansion.Hurriedly dressed in belligerent armor, with weapons, cao peng with a sword, and ran to the wall with people panic, xinfeng magistrate zhang has been anxiously on the wall at the moment, cao peng up, toward the direction of zhong yao barracks, but see in the barracks flames, complexion is not changed greatly."Sir tone is not small, Korea hence now only outside the city, then gathered twenty thousand people, in addition, there are fifty thousand burn when, but I don't know, how to help me?" D sneer at a way.

Sunny sky, although has not formally entered the summer, but this time in the afternoon, the sun is still very hot, because of the existence of the huns, let the march slow down a lot, the huns, seems to be deliberately procrastinating."If the tetrarch can trust in the next, can put the academy, down to carry out, just a academy, even if there is no tetrarch said that, also enough." Marotta smiled.An icy cluster of arrows soared into the air, Ruthlessly toward those who rushed to the army of the west cool army fall, Even in the old robes, this time, if the army was washed up, then, they will also be carried into the series of routed troops, d know this, so he relentlessly ordered to kill routed troops, pound also know, so his expression is as cold, without mercy.江苏音符|"Don't worry?" Han sui complexion SenHan way: "I want to hetao, in addition to your south xiongnu, tu ge, moon people these tribes may not want to enter the west cool, you tell them, within three days, if I can't see their trace, then get out of the west cool for me!"

江苏音符|"Brothers, let me kill you!" Wei yan raised the hand of the long copper knife, roared, first, rushed into the barracks, knife light huohuo, just rushed up a team jun by wei yan a broadsword.In the past, there have been qiang people naturalized, but the result is that most of the bones were eaten are not left."Xil has met her uncle." Yang Xi grew up in Montenegro, but under the influence of his father, the etiquette of the Han family is no stranger, see after the ceremony, then cleverly stood behind Yang Wang, no longer words.

"So it's the King of the Northern Gun." D eyes a bright, hand shili way, north gun king's name, in the central plains may not have much reputation, but in the west cool, zhang embroidery's name is not small, although can't compare with the horse home, but the name of bravery, in more than a decade ago has broken out of a hall of fame.Freeze and at nodded, looking a little dignified, with the unification of the central plains, northern lombardi has been swept away, recently, constantly in guandu, white horse area, the smell of war has shrouded in, just now cao cao side is not ready to fight."Naturally, would you like to help me?" Lyu3 bu4 laughed.江苏音符|




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