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www987bbcom合肥废铜回收"I am Chen Liu-tsao Peng, and the thief will be named after me!" With the remaining cavalry finally fought out of the regiment, but looked at less than fifty people left behind him and more than three hundred lost horses of infantry, cao peng really didn't expect lyu3 bu4 should have such a strong general, gasping for breath, remote knife pointed to the same flustered, with less than two hundred people around wei yan, lang track.Marotta smell speech, nodded silently, looking at Pound with some admiration, Until then, Although he felt well, But if the commander-in-chief army, in his view, d more appropriate, only unfortunately, d in the face of Korea hence, too easy to anger, this is not a commander-in-chief should have the mood, so for lyu3 bu4 with pound instead of d chose to default, now it seems that lyu3 bu4 in the knowledge of people and employment, is some unusual ability.Lyu3 bu4 nodded, these are really not how to consider, after all, his previous life is not an educator: "that worries, when how?"

"Has not lu bu news lately?" Liu Bao stood up and looked at the sky outside.Pinch your fingers, Korea hence suddenly sad to find that, In addition to their forces now better than lyu3 bu4, Under both generals and counsellors, Can't compare with lyu3 bu4, This was beaten in the central plains by the central plains governors, a commercial tiger that hits a wall everywhere, Until now, has become his nightmare, let Korea hence originally ambition to eliminate invisible, if allowed, Korea hence never mind surrendering to lyu3 bu4, but he knows, it is too late, don't say he and d private hatred, just lead the huns buckle this one, look around the world, I'm afraid few governors are willing to accept him.Chapter IV West Cool Rebellionwww987bbcomD eyes flashed a touch of Yin Ji, turned to the healer, harsh voice: "I only asked if you can cure."

www987bbcomBrother, third brother!"Hiss ~"

"Wen-you, what happened to the academy?" Lyu3 bu4 did not directly say the princess, but asked aimlessly.Liu Meng obviously not too adapted to the Han Sui face speed, nodded nervously: "I heard that lyu3 bu4 military forces are not a lot, why don't we two troops together first, how about going to attack?""Your Majesty, General RiLe." Into the huns warrior a face of dusty, but not liu leopard brought out of the soldiers, but stay in the old camp of the warrior.www987bbcom




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