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e邮宝全国分布网点百分百拓展"Brilliant general! When menber saw clearly what the chief officer looked like, his face suddenly changed and he almost blurted out."Oh?" Zhang liao smell words, turned his head to see the past, is to see liu ye was two soldiers marched up, although some embarrassed, but face with a light calm.Five cao will zhaoyun ignored the ground corpse, the horse back to front, continue to wait for a wick sweet time in the past, watched the wick sweet has to end, as long as the burn, is the time to attack, one after another, the members of the white horse camp, fresh constantly wipes his bolt, to fill the arrow box, only to burn down a wick sweet, then fell swoop camp, to kill.

The sad and shrilly voice, the command quickly spread out, someone in the gate constantly shaking the torch, the xiangyang soldiers around are unmoved, indifferent waving the order flag: "shoot the arrow!"One hour comes down, lv zheng has tired hands and feet weak, spirit is full however, lv bu also is forehead slightly see sweat, saw a son, lv bu patted his head way: "call your mother to still have aunt people to dine!"Buddhist things gave lyu3 bu4 a wake, now lyu3 bu4, schools of thought contend pattern has now, this is lu bu would like to see the scene, but too much of a good thing in all things, regardless of religion or school, can't from the bondage of the law, more can't enjoy any privileges, privilege can't say completely eliminate, but absolute control, the less the better, for the matter, lyu3 bu4 after return to a title of generals in ancient times mansion, dedicated to bring about some of the justice department official and giffin granted, Chen gong, falling, cao cao, etc, will be devoted to a general framework to this problem.e邮宝全国分布网点When filled with war and the sound of the knife light subsided, was on a flight, d in that city Lord Zang bully and lieutenant ZongYuan is after death, will not continue to fight, day by day camp quickly took control of the wall, someone wants to take advantage of the disorder, including d didn't go to ask, hovering outside the ma dai will pick up them.

e邮宝全国分布网点Lv zheng consciously came to the side of lv bu, followed lv bu practice together, but also a model."And you say?" Lv bu rolled his eyes, is trying to discipline, maid rui son came in.Zhaoyun martial art do not weak in d, and even stronger, d follow lyu3 bu4 early, lyu3 bu4, too seriously, but zhaoyun is lyu3 bu4's son-in-law, and liaodong world war I, while some say it is a drag on the blessing of lu bu, but with an d lyu3 bu4 side at that time it is clear that the first world war and liaodong lyu3 bu4, except for five thousand cavalry does not provide any help zhaoyun, even the weapons also don't like this, can above the warlord, but zhaoyun with five thousand people, not only dry degree of the sun, more in the future signing of huan who played almost of genocide, war.

Several people looked at each other oddly, but a quick agreement was reached."A long time." Lv zheng some distress way.Lv bu's body is in the weird circumstance below weird twist, perfect to the body control force lets him avoid this deadly sword when be in a bound hair while, still can push nighthawk conveniently.e邮宝全国分布网点




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