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青春不败101119茵塑美"Kill!" Just as Liang Xing said, d suddenly horse forward, three thousand knights followed, need to bulge, has rushed into the enemy's range."Big movement did not, but last night the city of millet sent several waves of people, in addition, the moon people just came the news, the other several huns tribes also sent people to the west cool.""Beat me first!" D cold hum 1, Both legs a clip horse abdomen, rushed up to lyu3 bu4 without hesitation, his horse is less famous than red hare, but also is a pure sweat blood BMW, and sweat blood BMW, not worse than lyu3 bu4 red hare, at the moment to urge, ten zhangs of distance in front of two unique BMW, just in a flash has been drawn.

Two bloody head was hung on the tower, always refused to leave the horse iron in the head was hung on the wall of the moment, only feel head a dizziness, mouth spit out a mouthful of blood, the whole person down.The handsome man's head twisted backwards at an incredible angle and his body collapsed feebly into the ground amid the sore sound of broken bones.Liu Gan's most valiant fighters, so in the moment of battle, died in each other's hands, make Liu Gan's all the huns soldiers fell into a dead silence in an instant.青春不败101119They are still the first time from lyu3 bu4 mouth to hear the words of the world, one by one eyes can not help showing excited light.

青春不败101119Smell speech, including country, three people at the same time breathed a sigh of relief, now is working together against lombardi, if so, cause cao cao and xun yu princes, internal rift, not all want to see."Also ask the king of the moon people warriors temporarily to me, the next big battle, I need help. Lyu3 bu4 looked to the king of the moon."West cool ten county, d now actively out of ji county, hanyang county has been our army all the income, in addition to stability, north county and north zhang ye three county, has been all occupied by our army."

"The daughter of the first emperor, ten thousand years of princess liu yun, son of heaven to marry, life cao cao's general CAI Yang personally escorted, now has to luoyang, not long after, will be sent to changan, congratulations master, will become a royal family." Marotta smiled.Marotta don't know lyu3 bu4 have such thoughts and concerns, but as a adviser, he must make plans for the future, help pound establish enough prestige in the army, and even if lyu3 bu4 can suppress d, make ma chaosheng rebellious heart, pound this member of the future general should also be well trained."Why not?" Wei yan a rein, meet to cao peng, two members of the general at this time is a match, once again launched a slaughter.青春不败101119




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