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李响和孙骁骁|果蔬变通"Well." Zhou cang hurriedly nodded and then looked at lv bu and said, "that young lady... ""Shan yu, do you still need to gather troops?" Except for hamur's tent, a hun head came up and whispered.As for the promotion status obtained by the award of another star growth opportunity is targeted at lv bu personal, immediately promote lv bu four-dimensional attributes of any of the same did not reach the five-star attributes of a star!

This sword is longer than the ordinary sword, only one side is opened, which is good for chopping. Some of it is like the bonobo sword in later times, but it is different and thicker.The horse that sends out is in Wolf qiang because of han person suddenly kill, encounter setback, retreat and return after, liu bao feels a bit bad."Kill! Kill! Kill!" < / p > < p > more than a thousand han soldiers raised the hands of the weapons, originally because of the heavy rain and low morale, at this moment again high, yue shi people also silently raised the weapons.李响和孙骁骁|Jia xu stroked his beard and said: "the dispatch of troops, related to the safety of the Lord, elected a person to assist the Lord."

李响和孙骁骁|"Out of control? Lyu3 bu4 leng4 hums 1: "the affair original and original say."It was a luxury for the people of these days to eat meat. Although lv bu had a plan to run a pasture, he did not plan to carry it out on the land of yongzhou. If he could occupy a large area of grassland in the future, he would carry out a pasture plan there to provide rich meat and enough horses for the central plains."General xie han! Family members hurried to thank.

Chapter xiii juyan huntingThese days, lyu3 bu4 is thoroughly realize the five-star constitution of the abnormal condition of the individual talent back, if use modern words, lyu3 bu4 inverse growth state, this paragraph of time has been at five times the speed of recovery of metabolism of side effect was even more than the most young, the body in the short more than 20 days, great changes have taken place, and this shift continues, move forward at the same time, the qi and lu bu themselves more strong, even in the winter, stood next to lu bu can feel a hot idea.Pacify hetao in lyu3 bu4 plan or the things after the spring of next year, with the calculate time, distance and a year now, now only roughly set a goal, as to where to begin, you then when in such a problem, only then the situation can still make a plan, at least from the back of the message, with the demise of the huns, the hetao has messed now.李响和孙骁骁|




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