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海绵城市概念股票天森康宝"Hmm?" Seibel waved, let his men defer the attack, turned his head and looked at the speeding wei yan, frown way: "general wei, why for jun intercession?"Lyu3 bu4 sighed, male broad sea was he stayed in changan, waiting for Chen Gong dispatch, hand can use generals are sent out, otherwise won't let the foolish goods to yourself when lieutenant.Play to the third day, seibel also gradually have a feeling of unbearable, even if the loss of the west cool army, but the defenders also paid a price.

"Roar ~" Look at a heroic fighter so mysteriously died in a small pit above, Santa only feel in the chest of a sullen, angry roar: "Despicable moon people, have the ability to come out!"Provocative?Chapter XXIV Reversal海绵城市概念股票"Lead the way." Lyu3 bu4 waved, let zhou cang and others withdraw to alert, if the other side really want to turn, also don't send so many people.

海绵城市概念股票"Congratulations to the general, it seems that master did not doubt the general, also give the general decision-making power." Chen xing some envy to seibel, decided on the spot, that is the meaning of leading an army alone.Not in the north, I don't know hu, was born in liangzhou, this kind of human tragedy, they already don't know how many times, although angry, but more, is numb, they have been used to.

Lyu3 bu4 smell speech can only nod, after organic meeting the sable cicada, two Joe again this kind of words, looked at the sky, day after day, he was really a little tired, stretched a lazy waist: "that night to you, arrange the men take turns to watch, tomorrow we will set out, don't let the huns drill the hole, capsized in the gutter."Quiet, too quiet, more like an empty camp."That's good." Guan Yu look at coppage, for a long time, sighed and said: "Gongming purpose, I already know, but loyal minister do not serve the two masters, afraid to let the public understand a trip."海绵城市概念股票





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