名侦探柯南 江户川柯南失踪事件|

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名侦探柯南 江户川柯南失踪事件|友方f7"Pa ~"After all, zhang had been a county magistrate before he came to chang 'an. Although he had done a good job, it was difficult for him to adapt his work to the level of mediation ideology."Since lyu3 bu4 early have preparation, do we suspend start work?" Fangming some worry about the way, this is not a success, then into the gambling fight, once failed, not only all previous achievements, even they these families will be doomed.

Listened along the way, these days in slope fell to around the war in the camp, although expectations to the side of the war will be very bitter, but also have never thought would come to this, lyu3 bu4 stay. B, d, ma dai, from the north palace, zhang embroidery, and holds the sea, is improper in Athens, even such a team, relying on the right place, eventually to this degree, some lyu3 bu4 higher than expected.'kill him! Tu each king roar 1, side of 200 knight roar to lv bu launched charge.Familiar asvagrans sound sounded again, is the voice of the white dragon, the man's eyes flashed a touch of not give up, is to see me off? But following the clop of the shortness of coming, let the man and the knights of xianbei color at the same time, the silver gun you trying last force into a knight of the xianbei, chest, man has even unable to withdraw the silver gun again, this is the last blow, he is a daredevil, followed by, he is going to meet, is the other side of the curved knife, he is ready, or has been unable to go to dodge, dizzy feeling gradually swallowed consciousness, and seemed to ring a JianCu surprises.名侦探柯南 江户川柯南失踪事件|"Miss, the snow has stopped." Keats came in, met lu lingqi, hurriedly said.

名侦探柯南 江户川柯南失踪事件|"Did the general know this?" Jia xu flashed a gold medal and looked at han.Pound's got lyu3 bu4 will, together with tube hai, with five hundred horses to zero, the soldier's asset, dostie can see the importance of zero in the moment first, lyu3 bu4 nature already see, pound with Sagittarius is less, are from west cool with west cool fighters, each warrior, although equipment may not be a title of generals in ancient times than camp, but compared with other forces, also is a higher level, is the most elite lyu3 bu4 now collected to mobilize troops, also it can be seen that lyu3 bu4 to zero value first.The reason for this, or the lack of preparation, is that migrants from nanyang underestimate the cold here, which gets worse as they head northwest.

In order to avoid costly, lyu3 bu4 again, this time is going to take three thousand troops, plus moon people from a five thousand died before (for many), the size of the added up to eight thousand people, but to the weakness of the huns now and the chaos of the hetao area, in lyu3 bu4, eight thousand people, has enough he quashed the hetao area."Our current strength, not appropriate to divide the army, can send a messenger general xu rong from jincheng send troops, blockade show the United States of the cities, broke the hansui retreat to zhangye road, our army did not move, on the one hand, waiting for burning when the position, on the other hand look at the nearby han sui, waiting for the return of the Lord, then attack gu Tibet. "Said li ru thoughtfully."Although vice du tong Yang ding together rebel, before already died in the disorderly army." "The chief of one of the guards bowed.名侦探柯南 江户川柯南失踪事件|




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