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金雅善|牙齿黄金"Holds the sea a title of generals in ancient times for a camp, led by general d day camp for a general, general pound led to a shot of the camp, led by general zhaoyun camp for a charming, there are big miss Addis set up women's camp and the north palace from the area as a camp, led by six es, in addition to miss big women's camp, the other five and the harmony within the territory of cool five main forces, the tetrarch directly transfer." Yang fu explained with a smile.Zhong yao down suddenly some don't want to think, all literacy, also represents a family of the monopoly of knowledge, and that many not just under lyu3 bu4, but throughout the world to promote, want to block all the way, that after ten years or twenty years, lyu3 bu4 even if no outward expansion, the world hegemony the status unshakeable foundations.

"Xuande is one of my outstanding talents in the han dynasty. Now that his wings have been fully formed and he has gone to nanyang, you can observe it. If you think xuande can make things happen, you may as well serve him. Liu biao smiled.Compared with luoyang, mengjin in the northeast is very quiet."Vuvuzela ~"金雅善|"According to the defeated soldier who fled back from the rout, he didn't see how many people were on the other side. Before he got close to them, the second master was shot with a sharp arrow. Then there were torches everywhere.

金雅善|This was jizhou, home to the yuan family, and even if cao cao had come to help, it felt a little overwhelming to let them take orders from him."Rectify ye cheng and bury the bodies. Now wei county is under the control of our army. We need to appease the people and put the responsibility on lv bu. Xun you shook his head and smiled. "there are many things to be done. The sovereign is in distress.

"Other people, the whole point surrender army, follow me to attack zhang yan dazhai!""Why? Lyu3 bu4 light smell that hair between spread of faint fragrance, smile way, also have some doubt.Not really stop, but zhou cang does take pang tong can't, although no allegiance to lu bu, but as lyu3 bu4 ducale, zhou cang but know lyu3 bu4 pang tong is very important, pang tong carrying swords darting into all cang cannot hurt pang tong, and to prevent the pang tong to give oneself to go to a sword, don't say he, even holds sea department here, accidentally killed or suffer yourself.金雅善|




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