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延津之家|欧麦诗怎么样Some are ashamed, but wait for a lot of is proud, sweet smile way: "Sure enough, temuzhen adult is much better than step to root that don't understand the style of the reckless man.""Well, I was wondering if Kirby could believe it. What now?" Muronggui hate hate way, but not too much care, because in this battle, the loss of the final Kexin tribe and tribe to jin, left outside the king's courtyard, basically the main force of the two sides and some of Kirby can, Murong tribe and Tuoba tribe basic no loss."Then go and see him before he thinks we're afraid of him!" Think of Wang Ting may have exposed the identity of Lan Zhan, Kirby can have some anxiety in the heart, and didn't notice the two people behind the wrong-looking, with men aggressive to kill outside the camp.

All smell speech can not help but suddenly."The thief army back and not disorderly, clearly cheat, general body department master trust, not recklessly." Falling in grant shook his head, just now he saw clearly, ma dai go too crisp, his two thousand cavalry go too crisp, and when the withdrawal, orderly, obviously not really routed.延津之家|"Ask him in." Daxi raised his eyelids and nodded.

延津之家|"I want to go, too." Pang tong looked at zhaoyun: "but also have to go, don't tell me you are willing to go with the lu crazy woman.""Buzz ~""Ah Ho, why are you panic?" Xu togeher drunken eyes hazy came over, a hand carrying wine war, a hand on the shoulders of the country, quite a few jie crazy gas.

In the past, No matter what Addis did, Even in the Western Regions, He didn't even feel that way, Because even further apart, lyu3 bu4 also know, if you really want to see her daughter, at any time, but now, that kind of sudden arrival of loneliness, let lyu3 bu4 finally realized why so many fathers see son-in-law not pleasing to the eye, now lyu3 bu4 is that feeling, in addition, at this moment, he suddenly some homesick."And people will always be old. When they return to the country, they will be clean-cut and clean-cut. It is natural to say that this is a fine occasion. But how many officials have been clean-cut and clean-cut since ancient times? Moreover, they have worked hard for the court all their lives, but in the end they have been clean-cut and clean-cut, and they have worked hard without merit. How can the court bear it?"Is not lyu3 bu4 suddenly become compassionate, but the land and the body has too much contact, here is the body's hometown, the feeling of hometown, let lyu3 bu4 whenever want to move the idea of soldiers, the body will have a very painful feeling.延津之家|




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