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kiyomi音译歌词|汤阴手工活Shepherd slope, handsome tent.Continued three days of attack, finally stopped in the morning of the fourth day, seibel stood on the wall of Germany corridor, at the foot of the passage is almost covered with blood, there are enemies, but also have their own, a foot on, even ankle can annihilate, bloody smell of disgusting."Oh?" Yang Wang-cheng was so upset that he didn't want to see any visitors, but he admired the Chinese culture in his heart and didn't want to neglect them either. He took a look at the posters, and suddenly a glimmer of divine light flashed through his eyes. He looked at the girl and said, "Daughter, we are saved!"

"Quick, go to Korea hence for help!" Burn when the old wang confused recruit a few QinWei body, at the same time life to Korea hence for help.King?Two weapons in the air without warning of collision, the huge anti-seismic force so that both warring sides did not feel a shock, strength, two people are equal.kiyomi音译歌词|"Two days ago west cool d is news, within three days, will break the locust, calculate up, the time is almost the same." The general thought.

kiyomi音译歌词|"Roar ~" at this time, a man who was hit by his mace but not yet dead eyes flashed ferocious, roared a hold of a horse leg, let the horse's hoofs will fall on his chest as a whole, his hands are dead to drag the horse leg, make the horse can't walk.This feeling, like acting for the blind, let zhang have a kind of impulse to hit the wall.Han Sui smell speech, can not help smiling and nodding, although the li kan afraid to die, but the kung fu on the mouth is not bad, is speaking, camp suddenly sounded a burst of rapid footsteps, a bloodstained soldier rushed in, mournful way: "master, big bad."

"Kill!""Master, these are my white water qiang most elite athletes, each is a loud man, also hope master can be kind to them." Yang wang to lyu3 bu4 hand way.kiyomi音译歌词|




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