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杜敏赫老公黄福荣"Old poor man, come and tell your father." Addis to the team a face of dusty giffin cried.Said finally, lyu3 bu4 eyes are gradually dense with endless opportunities to kill, Yang Xi remind, let him think of a very important thing... Five random China!Some people will cao cao's commands into arrows, please cao cao looked over, quickly sent to all parts.

Under the translation of Jun Hou, A name of the huns fighters immediately become difficult to look at, even if there is no national concept, but in the chicken deer village, their family can all live there, war together, the dead, the huns don't believe in what is good to the people, every time a city break, accompanied by, are bloody people massacre.Martial arts will know, pick bow and arrow, arrow cluster broken, an arrow into the "soldier" body, the "soldier" unexpectedly did not even have any reaction.杜敏赫老公"Hiss ~"

杜敏赫老公"At the end of the day." Wei yan step forward, eyes flashed a thrill, didn't expect lyu3 bu4 will be in reward seibel, zhang liao, after the third reward him."What kind of man!? Stop at once!" Zhou Cang horizontal knife immediately, jaw-dropping shout, behind, less than one hundred guards quickly lined up, bow and arrow, ready.Volume III Northwest China

D smell speech, breathed a sigh of relief, now, so big horse home, also only three of their brothers, Ma Tie how to say is his own brother, naturally don't want Ma Tie something, just listen to Hua Tuo's instructions, can't help but wry smile: "January?""Hmm?" D looked up, is seeing a cavalry with a wave of destruction in the conflict in the army, where, careless west cool army like mowing grass was killed, without the slightest counter-force, panic, many troops rushed directly toward d's army.Chen Gong nodded, Smiling at Chen Qun way: "Long article don't know, Changan is different now, Three auxiliary places, after Li Guo 's rampage, Thousands of miles of wilderness, Master will now nanyang, hanoi people moved to two places, Grains and hay consumption, all rely on government relief, Now although some grain merchants sell grain here, But the price of grain is quite high, in the central plains, can buy a stone millet price, here can only buy two buckets, changwen brought these jade, jewelry, gold and silver, here in changan instead depreciated, less than half of the central plains, looks like a lot, actually converted into hay to comfort the families of casualties has been reluctant. "杜敏赫老公




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